Your Music Career

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Your Music Career

Driving Your Music Career Forward

Driving Your Music Career Forward

Your Music Career is a full time job which is why you need your day job to be as effortless as possible. It’s very important that you choose a job that doesn’t require a lot of mental energy because you’re going to need all of that to make your music career happen. Driving with ride share programs like Uber will help you pay your bills and give you the flexibility you need to make it happen with your music career.

One of the toughest choices you have to make as musician is fighting for your dream. It’s very easy to say yes to the new promotion that puts you on a new career path, leaving your music career aspirations in the dust. We, as human beings are social creatures, which means we like to fit in & be accepted by our peers. It’s natural to be frustrated when everyone around you has a steadfast career and you are still working a menial day job to pay the bills & make it happen with your music career. Whether we like it or not, society is built on an infrastructure that rewards those that have corporate careers. We’ve all had that discussion at the dinner table with our parents, loved ones, aunts, uncles and had to answer the question we all dread talking about: “What are you going to do with your life?”  “I want to be a musician” is not the answer they want to hear. Why? Because the field you are going into is something your loved ones don’t understand. Parents want what’s best for their children and choosing a career in music is like saying “I want to be an entrepreneur.” It’s risky and not familiar territory and the “unknown” is terrifying to many individuals. The truth is music is a business and just like any other business it carries its percentage of successes and failures.

Fact: There isn’t a better time to make a great living as an Independent Musician right now in 2017 and make a living from your music career. Social network platforms and services like Instagram, Periscope, Patreon, Soundcloud, Youtube and KickStarter have helped create new career paths for hard working musicians on a daily basis. Taking on a day job that gives you the freedom to choose when and how many hours you want to work is a great first step towards creating a music career for yourself and following your dream. Use these hours driving, to put your plan together. You can easily download Audible and listen to e-books while driving riders to their destinations. When you’re not learning cool new info to help you build your music career engage your passengers in conversation and start accelerating your social network. Everyone you meet is a potential fan/customer for what you do. Your next passenger might be a music publisher looking for some great music to place in her TV/FILM projects! Don’t underestimate your audience and get out there by working a day job like Uber to drive your music career forward and get you to where you want to go.

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  • Kenner cross says:

    I need help generating traffic . What do i do . Facebook music page has videos the tuneport site has free downloads o alot of songs, i need a review , i need help adbertising , i could use donations or an invester , trust please help , csosSe help sos
    8014046750 help

    • Paul says:

      Hey Kenner,
      Thanks for your question. I would suggest targeting Facebook Groups that like your niche music. That’s the first step: Find your niche group of listeners and cultivate a relationship with them. You also do this on Twitter, Follow artists that sound similar to you & exchange your followers for their followers. Try to set-up local gigs in your community, where you can take your audience offline & do a show. Create consistent content for your fans (videos, pictures, etc.) Check out our most recent blog about “Marketing Tips to make more money during the holidays!” We’d be happy to talk with you more. You can DM us on our Facebook Page @tuneportmusic, send us an email or give us a ring. Thanks!

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