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WordPress Music Plugin

We have great news if you are looking for a WordPress music plugin. The TunePort music store is in fact much better than any other plugin for WordPress. Now that’s a bold claim and you might be wondering, how so? The answer is simple. Once you place your TunePort store on your website you will have direct access to the following features:

Next Level Features

100% Auto-Pilot/Automated.
Immediate PayPal payments.
HTML5/iFrame Technology.
Embed on unlimited websites.
Unlimited track uploads.
Login directly from store.
Instant download delivery.
Customize color scheme.
iOS/Android compatible.
Trackmark reminder.
Integrated social media.
Custom Voice-Tags.
Monitor total plays.

Multiple Options

Offer Multiple License Options.
Sell Full Albums.
TV/Film License.
Non-Exclusive License.
Exclusive License.
Purchase Mp3.
Royalty Free.
Free Downloads.
Tracked-Out Files.
Zip Folder/Multiple Files.
Custom Voice-Tags.
Logo/Album Artwork.

All these features are great, but there is one more thing we think you will enjoy. There is absolutely no monthly fees to use this awesome WordPress music plugin.

How does it work? It’s Easy!

Sell Your Tracks Everywhere. Place Your Store Anywhere.


Get Started In Seconds!

Upload Your Songs or Beats.
Customize To Match Your Brand.
Get Your Personal Embed Code.
Place It On Your Site or Blog.
Sit Back, Relax & Get Paid.

Get your new audio store now!


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