Sell Your Music with USB & Make More at Live Shows!

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Sell your music with USB & Make More at Live Shows!

Article by Deron Wade

Triple your Income selling USB

Recently I was at a show and the electronic DJ/Producer was doing something pretty unique, they were selling their music as a USB to their fans!

Of course, the creativity/packaging behind this was pretty genius, since this artist makes mix-tapes, they offered a Tape with the song titles which opened up to reveal the USB inside. I loved this idea because as a marketer they gave me something to hold and fit their niche (box-in-hand mentality) & then offered me a new product in the form of the USB. When I went home, I not only received their songs, but a live video & thank you note from the artist. I was hooked. I knew this was without a doubt another direct-to-fan marketing strategy that artists should be using everywhere.

In the words of “Naughty by Nature” Get down with USB, not Old CD!

By offering your fans the opportunity to purchase USB Flash Drive you will:

A) Make more money

B) Save time & the hassle of printing out 1,000 CD’S for $999.00. Ultimate objective: Maximum effect (Providing phenomenal value for your fans) with minimum effort (Using the current technology available to make things easier for you & provide a more accessible listening experience for your fans.)

C) Provide phenomenal value for your product, thus creating happy fans & buyers all around. 😊

Let me just give you the low-down on how easy this is. Visit an Office DepotStaples or better yet just hit up Amazon and find a cheap bulk deal on USB Flash Drives. I found mine at Office Depot and purchased the last ten 16 GB USB Flash Drives in the store (Original Price $14.99) for $4.99. I sold 5 of them at my recent show for $10. Keep in mind, my USB had over 20 songs from my previous rock and acoustic album, Music Video & a few home-recordings of songs I had never released until now. Fans at the show received 25+ songs for $10! They got a steal & I made a $5 profit on each sale! In other words, this stuff works!

What do you need to make this happen? Your phone & PayPal reader (or Square) to take credit card. That’s it!

Think about what your fans can do with a 16 GB USB?! Not only can you provide awesome content (Special band photos, music videos, a promo page with social links/website & promo codes to access new just released content, etc.) your fan also receives a 16 GB hard-drive they can use for whatever they want! (Insert guitar shred here)

Last note: I used a regular USB to test out the waters, but I recommend you get yourself one that is a key-chain/bottle opener, or just find a USB that compliments your music. The objective here is you’re now offering A) a product that has an awesome value (16 GB Flash Drive) B)Is NOT just a USB (Aka: Keychain, Bottle Opener, etc.) C)Is a piece of the live music experience & goes beyond being just a Flash Drive (Aka: Guitar USB, etc.) Check out these Guitar USB’s to get the creative juices flowing! Remember, when you perform live this is where you can excel at selling your Merchandise! Your fans buy YOU, not just your music. So have fun with these concepts and the next time you’re thinking of pressing 1,000 CD’s, get down with USB, not old CD

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