Selling Music on WordPress

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Selling Music On WordPress


When it comes to selling music on wordpress, provides you with a simple and easy solution to make sales instantly directly from your wordpress website. Unlike other 3rd Party sites which demand their name before yours, offers a different solution: Your own website store. Very simply, place your TunePort store on your website and start selling music on wordpress in seconds! Equipped with everything you need to sell your music online, TunePort is the perfect solution for musicians and beat-makers world-wide. Whether you’d like to license your songs for TV/FILM, sell your beats non-exclusively or exclusively or choose to sell your songs with a royalty-free license, TunePort gives you every option you need to build your music business your way. Selling music on wordpress is as easy as purchasing the TunePort Audio store on From there, just visit your control panel, get your embed code and start selling music on wordpress instantly. When it comes to the best way to sell your music, having a wordpress site and having a cool digital audio store that provides direct access to fans/buyers alike is key. Come on over to and see why selling music on wordpress just became a whole lot easier for Musicians and Beat-Makers alike.

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