Sell Your Music Online & Make It Happen!

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Sell Your Music Online

Sell Your Music Online Directly To Fans From Your Own Website!

There’s a variety of options to choose from when deciding how to sell your music online. Let’s take a look at a few: CD Bay provides Independent Music Artists with a music marketplace & offers its members the opportunity to sell their songs on iTunes & Amazon around the world. Founded by Derek Sivers, CDBaby has been at the fore-front of developing new and improved techniques to help Independent Music Artists sell their songs online and making a living as successful Independent Musicians. They also provide a service called, which provides Indie Artists with their own template and offers a few resources/tools to help sell your music online. As someone who jumped onto CD Baby in the early days, back when they had a credit-card swiper and guaranteed storage for my music, I was a fan of how they operated. However, while CD Baby might provide you with a few opportunities to get your music online, it’s very hard to be found in their giant data-base of artists. Unless someone specifically searches your name, your music is not likely to be seen by new fans/customers. While they do provide a search by genre & “Sounds Like” tools, again, it’s very difficult to be found in their system. While you can depend on other 3rd party sites to help you sell your music, the ideal way to sell your music online is by building your own website.

Your website = Your Brand. We highly suggest working with or Both provide a very easy, simple interface to build your brand & sell your music online to new fans instantly! These days, there is no excuse when it comes to not having a professional, aesthetic website for your fans to click on and view pics, stories, new gigs & have the opportunity to buy your music. provides Independent Musicians, Bands & Beatmakers with the essential tools required to sell your music online & build your fanbase. Once you signup with TunePort, you will receive your own Audio Store equipped with social network buttons, fan/music supervisor search bar (genre & mood) & a plethora of custom selling options designated for you to sell your music online the way you want to do it. You can read more about ALL the features of the TunePort Audio Store here.



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