How to sell songs online successfully

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sell songs online

Sell music online

Trying to sell songs online, is not an easy task. You have to truly understand inner-workings of the service/platform you are working with. From iTunes, Reverbnation, Spotify, CD Baby, BandCamp, YouTube, each provides its musicians with a variety of options to choose from. The tricky part in all of this is, variety isn’t always what will make you a successful artists selling your songs online. In fact, it more comes down to niche marketing and really knowing who your audience is. Posting your songs on iTunes and thinking this is the best way to market your music is not the be-all-end-all. The only way to sell songs successfully on iTunes is to have a following and built-in fan demographic. This is why most of the successful artists who sell songs on iTunes are Artists with “Names” and major label backing. Think about it, how are fans going to find your music in the iTunes Music Library? As an Independent Music Artist, you have to truly achieve a strong following before you will have any success on iTunes selling your songs online. Now, with this in mind, many Independent Music Artists move towards music-sharing platforms like Spotify & Pandora. Great idea & it’s smart to have your music on these services, however, don’t expect a big check to come your way. You’ll be lucky to make .01 on every spin of your music.
Then of course there’s TuneCore & CD Baby, which offer a variety of options and promise the world to its Independent Music Artists using sexy words like “Amazon Music Library” and “iTunes” and we’ll have you in thousands of markets all over the world. Great, but again, how do fans find you in these libraries? The bottom line is to successfully sell songs online you have to put in the work to create your brand. Build your own website & sell your music directly to fans. Cut out the middle-man and avoid paying high monthly subscription fees to services that aren’t delivering the results you need. There are many website builders to choose from, so do your due research and find the website that works best for you. A few, WIX, WordPress, Bandzoogle – each provide you with a platform to present yourself in a professional light and sell songs to your fans. And what better way to sell songs to your fans than having your own personal website music store? provides you with everything you need to successfully sell songs online, connect with your fans and build your mailing list. To conclude, know your niche demographic of listeners and build your mailing list one fan-at-a-time. Don’t depend on other services to deliver the results necessary to sell songs online on a world-wide scale. Build your brand, continue to work hard and you will be successful selling your songs online.

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