Sell Songs on my Website

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Sell Songs On My Website


sell songs on my website

How do I sell songs on my website? I’ve been asking myself this question for sometime now. While I know I can get my music up on TuneCore, RecordUnion, Reverbnation, SoundCloud and a slew of other sites, the real question is how do I sell songs on my website? I’ve looked at a number of sources online and is the ideal opportunity for me to sell songs on my website and build my fanbase. Here’s why:

TunePort provides me with everything I need to sell songs on my website, specifically my RoyaltyFree Tracks. While I’m a singer-songwriter, I moved into the realm of selling my music royalty-free because I can reach a huge demographic of customers on YouTube who are interested in placing my music in their videos and I can charge a lot more for a license than I can selling my song for $1.00 on iTunes. I found TunePort, through a good friend of mine on Audiotheme who I love! I used Audiotheme to set up my WordPress website because they provided me with a very professional template which is key these days in making sales. As the saying goes in any job interview, “dress to impress” and I look at my website as exactly that: A place where my potential customers are interviewing me for their specific music job/s. I need to look good and present a professional image to my customers & TunePort gives me that look, along with an extremely user-friendly interface.

As someone who used to work as an intern for Universal Music Group and helped my colleagues find the perfect track/s for 5 seconds of footage,  I understand the importance of dead-lines and how frustrating it is for music supervisors to not be able to find the songs they need quickly. Seriously, sometimes these guys have a 2 hour window & will pay you a ton if it’s exactly what they are looking for, BUT you need to have all your chickens in a row when they come calling. Many times they hear great stuff from bands, but they don’t want to have to hunt down who owns the master, etc. Bands work with many members, which means, more paperwork. As someone who writes royalty-free music, I own my own masters & TunePort provides me with the perfect tool to reach Supervisors and License my music directly to them in seconds!

Working with TunePort gives my customers the opportunity to search quickly for the track/s they want. I keep my genres and moods very simple. “Acoustic” “Rock” “Kids/Family” & I always enter the “mood” for the tracks they are looking for, “happy” “emotional” “uplifting” and “positive.” Furthermore, I price my tracks at $6-$7, my one-time Licensing Fee which is applied to the Zip Folder my customers download in their TunePort Audio Store after the purchase of my track. This makes things so much easier to help sell songs on my website and receive a plethora of loyal customers coming back repeatedly to buy more tracks. You see, with a license, I can continue to offer this track a multitude of times and have the opportunity to upsell if my client is looking for a set-bulk of tracks they like. Many times, I have one client that is ready to buy 1 or 2 songs, but I will offer a bulk-deal for 10 tracks. I like this because my client/customer is receiving a great deal & when I do this I have about an 85% ROI. Happy customers return & more often than not, I get great word-of mouth!



There’s an incredible amount of warm word-of-mouth that happens in the YouTube arena. I personally feel like YouTube Customers are much more tech savvy & more entrepreneurial minded. There’s a real circle of trust between myself and my YouTube customers and I take the buying experience very seriously. That’s why I use TunePort to sell songs on my website. I have had little, to no problems with these guys and they are constantly there for me if/when new bugs do arise. I highly recommend them if you are royalty-free music artist like myself who is asking themselves the same question I had: Where do I go to sell songs on my website?

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