Sell songs from my website

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Sell Songs From My Website

Sell Songs From My Website

If you’re asking yourself how do I sell songs from my website, you’ve come to the right spot. While there are many third party sites that promise to sell your songs to the masses, the best way to build your brand and fan-base is by selling songs directly from your website. While WordPress does offer a few plugins that will help you do this, many lack the very simple option to buy your music directly from your website and stay connected to your fans. Even sites like SoundCloud, which have an array of cool resources to help connect you with fans online, lack the buyer-friendly interface necessary to sell mp3 files directly from your website. Their store is great, but I don’t want fans to just listen to my tracks, I want them to have the option to buy my music. This is a business and as a serious singer-songwriter, I want to sell songs from my website, continue to build my loyal fan network & hopefully reach enough of an audience where I can repeat these same methods when I release my new album.

After much research, I found TunePort to be the ideal solution on helping me sell songs from my website. TunePort provides a very stylish looking audio store that fits the theme of my website perfectly! When my fans come to my home-page, they do not have to search for my music. My simple reasoning behind this is: When I want to hear a new song from a band I like, I want to it NOW! So, it’s extremely frustrating to me when I have to search for an artists’ music on their website. My opinion is, my music should be the star of my website, not a passenger in the back-seat awaiting his time to speak-up. I want my voice to be loud & clear. My Music is my brand & TunePort gets this. In a matter of minutes, I was able to upload my tracks, custom price them, add a few licenses (Since I do sell my tracks on YouTube and have licensing options for these particular instrumentals) and be ready to sell on my website immediately. Any time a fan purchases my track/s, I will receive an email to follow up with them and get them on my newsletter, I also have the option to give away my songs for Free which is an awesome incentive for my new and old fans!

Furthermore, it’s so easy to sell song from my website. TunePort does all the heavy-lifting. Just a quick example of this. As a singer-songwriter, I have always been less genre specific, in other words, while many of my songs are Rock/Pop, I have a slew of others that are Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Orchestral, Film-Noir, etc. I don’t like to pigeon-hole myself into one specific category, which is why I like the freedom of choices TunePort offers to me as an Artist. I can easily upload all my tracks and not worry about my fan/s – music supervisors, not finding the specific genre/mood they are looking for. My audio store has a built-in Search Bar that’s Genre/Mood Specific, making it very easy for my customers to buy the track/s they want immediately without scrolling through my entire store. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of how easy TunePort makes things when it comes to how to sell songs from my website.

Finally, I’m a very busy guy so it’s nice to know, I can login directly from my store on my website without going through the ordeal of signing in on TunePort’s home-page. This truly makes me feel like I’m in complete control of my store. I don’t have to deal with a third party site and logging into my profile page, it’s very simple – I login with my Email & Password directly from my store on my website and I will instantly arrive at my control panel, where I can add new songs, delete older tracks, add voice-tags, licenses, etc. That’s brilliant and why I choose TunePort as the ideal service at helping me sell songs from my website & building my brand as a professional singer-songwriter.




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