Sell Music Online with your Cloud Based Recording Studio

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Sell music online with your Cloud Based Recording Studio

Cloud Based Recording Studio

Sell music online with your Cloud Based Recording Studio

It’s never been easier to sell your music online with your very own cloud-based recording studio at From music educators to DIY’ers, provides everything you need to record tracks in the cloud effortlessly, collaborate with friends and produce the songs your fans want to hear. The best part is how easy it is to get started to sell music online with your cloud based recording studio, simply sign up with one of your social media accounts or email and instantly start making the music you want to create with friends. Once you’ve finished recording songs with your cloud based recording studio with, stop on by & get your very own digital audio store perfect for your cloud based recording studio tracks! Instantly place your new audio store on your website & facebook page and start selling tracks immediately! Be in complete control of your music career from the beginning until the end.

To conclude, start taking the steps necessary to put your business back in your hands. From creating your own music to marketing it, you are the one who will work hardest for your music career. Take advantage of these new exciting times by using the cloud-based recording studio technology from to create new and unique music. Once you’re happy with your mix, say hello to our friends at who will propel your sound forward and turn your tracks into mastered genius!

Finally, when your perfect track is ready to be delivered to your fans, visit, to get your music website audio store. Within seconds, upload your tracks, price them accordingly & start selling them the same day on your Website & Facebook Page!

Join today to get the number one cloud based recording studio online, get your music mastered with and sell your music directly to fans with your custom digital audio store! Here’s to working in the new music business and making it happen.

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