Sell Music On My Website

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Sell Music On My Website

sell music on my website

My Band Aversion

So I wanted to write this, because my band just finished recording their album and I was looking at where I need to go to sell music on my website. Most of my friends use CDBaby to help sell music on their websites, but I’m not a huge fan because I want to figure out how to sell music on my website and not a third party. I also looked at iTunes, but again, I know if we sell our music on that platform it’s hard to make many sales since we’re competing with all the big guys: Aka: Major Record Labels. My Band’s Name is “Aversion” and while we’re not really out there, we got some great tracks and have a lot of passion when it comes to keeping our fans happy.

I’d say our main thing right now is touring live and we have some really cool fans. Our music is Pop/Rock and we have a kick ass live show, but I’ll be honest, we’re not the best at selling our songs online. Some buddies of mine referred me to wordpress, and I am currently working on building my band’s website from one of their templates, but I’m still searching for a cool way to sell music on my website. I stumbled across TunePort  searching for how to sell my music online and I think these guys might be what we need. I mean, we’re not a big band and honestly, this looks like a cool store that will help me sell music on my website. I noticed on their demo page, they offer an opportunity to sell my bands’ mp3’s, but also license our films for TV/FILM and give our stuff away for free. The free idea is awesome. I like that they give my band the option to do this because really we’re about just getting our music out there. I figure if our fans like what they hear, they’ll support us in the end. Giving away a few free songs to loyal fans is a good idea in my humble opinion. Then again, I”m not a marketing guy. I wish we had a manager or someone who do this for us, but I know this stuff takes time. I really like just being on the mic & writing the songs, which is why I’m writing this blog. Hah. I’ve always been a fan of the written word, so maybe you guys can reach out to me and tell me what you think of TunePort and if this is a good place to be to sell music on my website?

I haven’t even finished building my website yet, but once I do, I’m definitely going to give them a try. I like that they have a number I can ring, if I have questions. Has anyone else out there used TunePort to sell their music on their website? I’d love some feedback. Any way, for what my band and I are doing now, it looks like the perfect solution to sell music on my website and gives us a cool look. I’m terrible at graphic design, so I like that. Any way, I got band practice in an hour, so I’m heading out. Hopefully you guys can lend some feedback on how to sell your songs on your website and if you’re reading this, I say, try out From the other sites I was looking at, they’re cheap: 29 bucks and you own the store, no monthly payments! I know most of the other sites offer their stuff at $10/mo, so to get everything I need for this cheap, it’s kind of a no-brainer. I mean, we’re an independent band, our budget is slim to none.

Thomas C.
Lead Singer – Aversion

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