Sell Music on Facebook

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Sell Music on Facebook

Sell Music on Facebook

It’s never been easier to sell music on facebook, build a fan-base and maximize your sales online! Facebook, is the epicenter of social media and is the perfect medium to attract new listeners, build a music newsletter, connect with like-minded musicians and start touring and making money from your Independent Music Career. Why not take advantage of this golden opportunity to sell music on facebook?!

Rather than just depend on the Facebook Wall/Feed, build your business through online advertising and prep your Facebook Page to be a one-stop-shop hunting ground for your music! While websites like Reverbnation, CD Baby & TuneCore, help you sell music on multiple music store accounts (itunes, amazon, etc.) they do not provide the perfect resources to help you sell music on facebook and connect with fans instantly!

Use 3rd party sites to build your exposure, but stop depending on them to sell music online. These sites depend on YOU to build their brand name, but the key for you is to build your own brand name. Your music is your business, TunePort is your personal audio store equipped with everything you need to sell your songs and beats directly to fans and be in complete control of your music career!  Take advantage of the DIY tools you have these days to truly capture new music listeners on Facebook, book a tour and much more! Embed your TunePort Audio Store on Facebook, and give your fans everything they need immediately. Many times, the reason why sales are low is because you’ve made the buying process not user-friendly for your fans! Any time you use a 3rd party site to sell your music, the fan has to click on a link and be redirected to the site to make the purchase. These extra steps are an annoyance and furthermore, you’ve now given this third party site  complete access to your fanbase! Sure, they’ll pay you, but now they can follow up and build their newsletter with the fans you sent them and sell them other products. Stop doing the work for them! Make your business, YOUR BUSINESS. The TunePort audio store was created with you in mind. Use TunePort to build your brand and sell music on facebook. It’s never been simpler to truly sell music on facebook and do it completely on your terms. Check out the video below to see how to sell music on Facebook and start making sales instantly.



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