Sell Music on Facebook Free

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Sell Music On Facebook Free

Sell Music on Facebook Free with TunePort

Sell Music on Facebook Free

It’s never been easier to sell music on facebook free, build your fan-base and increase your sales.

Facebook is a phenomenal resource to help you sell music online. While there are specific apps that you can embed on your page, it’s best to sell music on facebook free directly from your Home-Page as a “Call-to-Action” Button. The best part is, it’s really to set this up and it doesn’t cost you a dime! It’s never been easier to sel music on facebook free. Remember, Facebook is first and foremost a network, which means it’s focused on building relationships. Throwing your music up on SoundCloud and pasting it onto your facebook wall doesn’t guarantee a lot of plays. To truly capitalize on your facebook demographic of hardcore listeners, embed a tab that says “My Music” or “My Music Store.” By using this soft approach you’re encouraging your fans to listen to your music, but on their terms/time clock, not yours. provides the perfect solution to sell music on facebook free and keep things focused on your brand, instead of another third party. With TunePort, you will get your own music store! Upload unlimited tracks & then follow the simple video below to embed your audio store on your Facebook Page with a Call-to-Action “Buy My Music” button. Make sure you use all the resources Facebook gives you to provide a user-friendly experience for you & your fan. AKA: Set your music page up with a Band/Artist Profile.

Facebook will set you up with a page designed to connect with your fans and help you sell your music instantly. Secondly, make sure to take advantage of Facebook’s Live Video Tool to engage your fans and share with them a piece of your story. Remember, your fans don’t live your life. They want to see you in the studio recording an album, out in a venue performing live, hanging out at home with your buddies talking music shop! Now a-days, we live in a Reality TV Culture. It’s not just about your music any more, it’s about YOU & YOUR BRAND (YOUR STORY) Continue to create engaging content on a weekly basis to help you build trust/relationship with your fans, connect with them and comment on their posts. This is a surefire way to build your network and in return, your fans will comment on your page and buy your music. Remember, to sell music on Facebook, you have to build the connection with your fans first & then ask for the sale. See the video below on why you need to sell music on Facebook, right now with TunePort it’s never been easier to sell music on Facebook free!

Use TunePort to help you sell music on Facebook free directly from your Facebook Home-Page. Here’s how to Create a Music Tab and have your fans buy directly from your Facebook TunePort Store!

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