Sell Music and Build Your Fanbase

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Sell Music and Build Your Fanbase

written by Deron Wade – Co-Founder of

Sell Music On The Streets

L – Venice Beach ID for Promoting CD’s on the streets – 2012 R – My Acoustic Album with Autograph for Fan

I wanted to write this quick blog post to discuss how to sell music and build your fanbase offline. While we do provide a service to help you sell your music online, it’s imperative to be affluent in both the online and offline worlds. Keep in mind, Live Music Events, Beat-Battles, are exceptional places to meet new fans, sell music and build your fan-base. Today, my discussion revolves around selling music on the streets.

While busking is the traditional way of selling music on the streets, we will be looking at completely new strategy today. With just your smartphone (mp3 player will work fine too) & earbuds you can start building a new fan-base tomorrow & making sales instantly. How do I know this? I did it for 3.5 years! Before TunePort came into existence, I was a full fledged singer/songwriter making it happen on the streets on Venice Beach Blvd (See pic of my Promoter ID above)  Santa Monica Promenade, Hollywood & Highland & LA LIVE (Near the Grammy’s.) I have sold over 10,000 CDS person-to-person.  While I know many of us would love to just have our fans appear and buy our music, it’s very difficult to have this happen without putting in some serious legwork. Even the major labels put in thousands of hours on promoting/advertising to sell their artists’ music.

The good news is: If you put everything I say into practice, you can turn this into a $35/hr job and you will be committing 100% to your art. Nothing feels better than meeting a stranger and turning them into a loyal fan for life! Furthermore, all you need is 1,000 loyal fans/subscribers of your music to make a living & create a full fledged business for yourself. Through resources like & – you have everything you need to build a website, sell music and build your fanbase through a kick-ass newsletter.

Few pics from my time selling CD’s out on the Streets in Los Angeles, CA 

Fan 4

Met these guys at LA LIVE 2013

Pic 9

Out on the Streets in Glendale, CA -2012

Fan 5

LA LIVE – Near the Grammy’s

Fan 2 Fan 1 Fan6 Fan 3





Pic 10

Hollywood & Highland – Inside the Mall.




But it starts with saying yes to the hard work. Take a Risk and you will be rewarded ten-fold. was created because my buddy & I were tired of the middle-man. We wanted to create a new system where we could sell directly to our fans, without losing a percentage to a third-party site. Our Musician & producer buddies (I’m a singer-songwriter and my buddy & co-founder is a beat-maker) were interested in what we were doing and we realized, this was a huge opportunity for all of us!

I made a quick video below giving you instant secrets to being successful out on the streets from my 3.5 years & over 15,000 hours of doing this. It’s free. All I ask, is you share this with your friend/s and help them become successful in their music careers too! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up up personally at:

We’re all in this together, here’s to you and making it happen,




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