Make Your Music & Email the Star of your Website!

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Too many times, I’ve been wanting to check out music from a website and I can’t find the email!
Your job as a musician is to make sure fans can find you easily. And hey, how about a music supervisor or publishing agent who might offer you a paying job or change your life instantly? Music supervisors have very quick dead-lines. If they like what they hear, they will want to follow up with you to discuss copyright (who owns the master) & they need an answer fast. Your job when it comes to selling your music is to create readily availability if & when that awesome opportunity arises. An email is more important than a Facebook Page. Why? Because Facebook has found a way to make things very confusing. Depending on what “type” of page you have, your fans may not be able to connect with you. Furthermore, writing on walls and having that post turn-up on all of your friends’ pages is a story of the past. If you want your posts to appear in your friends’ news-feeds, you have to pay for those placements. FB decides who sees your posts and much more, so don’t depend on Facebook to connect with fans. Depend on your email and make sure you turn that email into a contact on your newsletter, so you can follow up and build your email list.

Secondly, make sure your music is the star of your page. So many artists make themselves the star, but the goal of your website should be to sell your music and build your brand. Fans can’t buy your music if it’s impossible to find! I won’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a musician’s website and found it nearly impossible to buy their music. After searching through the nav bar, clicking on the drop-down menu, finding a music tab which directs me to a link to go to a reverbnation page connected to an iTunes which doesn’t seem to be compatible with my S5.. I’m too fed up with the whole process to buy the damn song! As a fan, I want something simple and easy. I don’t want to have to work to find your music. This is one of the reasons I co-founded I was tired of seeing all of my artist friends not make a living from their music because they had no idea how to market their awesome music! Make your music the star of your website and you’ll start seeing fast results! Just remember to find your niche demographic of listeners, so you can nurture those fans and start building word-of-mouth. It will happen, but you have to make it happen, because no one cares more about building a career for yourself than YOU.

Here’s a quick synopsis of who I am. I used to sell my Acoustic Music CD’s on the streets. No, I didn’t busk. I followed the hip-hop route and got myself an mp3 player and asked everyone and their mother to listen to my music. I realized, many potential fans were too shy to confront me on the street when I was playing guitar and singing, so I decided to make their life easier and went to them instead. After my bittersweet tango with failure, I figured out what to say to get customers interested in my music and more importantly how to build a relationship with potential fans of my music in 1 minute or less. After trial and tribulation, they started buying. A Lot. In less than 6 months I sold more than 15,000 CD’S! Keep in mind I worked every day, but when you’re doing what you love, you’d be amazed at how much energy you have! From Venice Beach to LA LIVE to Beverly Center, The Grove, Hollywood & Highland and in between, I hustled my ass off and found buyers. Which is why I can honestly write these things right now and tell you, I know how to help you sell your music. Furthermore, my buddy and the other Founder of TunePort has developed over 1,000 Marketing music websites and has been in the Producer/Beat-Maker Game for 20+ years. We don’t come from the land of trust-funds and “let’s just start a business” idea mentality. We’re built from the street and every cent we’ve made has gone back into building this platform for YOU, because we want you to sell music your way and make it happen. It’s not about putting your music on a third party site and having someone else sell it for you. Sure, you can be on Soundcloud, CD Baby, BandCamp, iTunes, Reverbnation, the list goes on – but do you see your name in any of those websites I just listed? Nope. Because, in the end it’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. Every time you offer your music to those sites, you are building their brand, not yours. STOP. You can be on those sites to build exposure for yourself, but where your time needs to be spent is on your website.

Right now. Today. Start Building Your Brand. Here’s what I can promise you. Visit our site: If you are not satisfied with our product, we will give you the store for free. Seriously, here’s my personal email: deron[at] If you have a question, hit me up. We have worked around the clock to develop a perfect store for you and your fans. Place your TunePort Audio Store on your website. To change/Add your music, no problem, you have complete access to an entire control panel of options. You choose how you want to sell your music. License your music for TV/FILM, sell your tracks non-exclusively, or exclusively, sell your tracks royalty-free! One of our top selling artists does this right now and he makes consistently over $4,000.00/mo! This is happening. Many Musicians & Beatmakers are making a great living from their music because they made music the star of their website.

Our dream here at TunePort is to see all of our incredibly talented Independent Musician friends succeed! We have A true drive to make it happen day in and day out and prove to the corporate fiends of the world, that Independent Music can and will survive past brands like Spotify, TIDAL, etc. These machines were not built for you. They were built for the masses. In fact if you look into SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify – you’ll notice the major record labels have a stake in all of them. Why? Because music is a business and they know in order to survive, they need to evolve. But evolution doesn’t always breed great change. Change happens through Independent Thinking, not Mass-Stream Media. It’s now YOUR TIME. And you can start by saying YES. YES to who you are as an artist. YES to building your own Brand. And YES to continuing to create your music, your statement to the world as a creator and as an Independent Thinker. YOU have an incredible gift. Music is the only universal language. You make music because you feel things that others can’t express. Own this moment. Own who you are. Work for yourself. Build your Brand and Keep Making It Happen. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Here’s to you & your musical journey,
Deron Wade
Co-Founder of

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