Live Demo Store Terms & Conditions Please Read

We’re all about transparency here at TunePort HQ, which means we want you to truly understand our product before you buy. With this in mind, we created for you a Live Demo Test Store Account. Feel free to upload tracks, voice tags, change the header/banner, embed the store on your website, etc. We only have 2 firm rules:
1) Please DO NOT change the current email on the account, since this current info is available for ALL TunePort Members. 
2) When finished testing the store, please delete all content uploaded. 
   We hope this helps you get more familiar with your TunePort store & here’s our TOP TEN TUNEPORT TIPS to help you get set-up and on your way to success. If you have any further questions, our team is always readily available to help you out, just send us an email
Thanks for being a part of TunePort. Here’s to taking your music career to the next level!