How to Sell Music

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How to sell music

How To Sell Music

It’s always difficult to find out where and how to sell music online. While there are many websites that help musicians and producers to sell their music, many of these sites are 3rd party distributors and only offer their artists the opportunity to be on other 3rd party platforms. While this might help artists make more sales online, it doesn’t help them build their name as an artist: aka – brand identity. So, where is the best place for artists to go to figure out how to sell music effectively online?  Their website.

The most effective way for artists to sell music online is through their website. These days, artists have everything at their fingertips in regards to brand identity. Websites like Wix, BandZoogle, Weebly and WordPress give musicians and producers the opportunity to reach their fans with a signature brand identity & simple tools to connect instantly through social networks and build their fan-base. Some of these websites, even offer their own music players artists can use and learn how to sell music online. However, these websites are more focused on the delivery of brand identity and professional appearance then they are in helping artists learn how to sell music online. Enter Unlike other 3rd party sites that place that get your music on other 3rd party platforms, but can’t guarantee your music will sell, TunePort focuses on getting your music on your website & your fans in the easiest way possible.

So what is TunePort? TunePort is your personal audio store. As a Musician or Producer, TunePort provides a phenomenal audio store with everything you need to sell your music online, connect with fans on your social networks (Aka: YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter) & teaches you how to sell music your way. For instance, rather than stick to the generic one buying option: Sell Mp3, TunePort gives artists the opportunity to sell their music in many formats including royalty-free, music licenses, non-exclusive and exclusive licenses. For artists with large files, TunePort offers the opportunity to upload Zip Files to include licensing contracts, WAV files & AIF’S. So when you want to decide how to sell music, it’s never been easier to sell your music directly to fans from your website. That’s the final hurrah here. Not only is TunePort a great store for musicians and producers alike because of it’s various features, it also caters towards THE FAN. Every Artist who purchases a TunePort Audio Store can place it on their home-page, drawing their fans’ attention to their music immediately! Secondly, unlike other music stores out there, TunePort is built to SELL YOUR MUSIC. There isn’t any other audio store out there that is more “Buyer Friendly” when it comes to selling your music online. Being Glitzy and having a video in your store might look cool, but it doesn’t guarantee your fans will buy your music. In fact, the more links, pictures, etc, you have in your player, the worse off you are. Keep it Simple & Customers won’t lose distracted. Distraction = No Transaction. With TunePort, you won’t have these problems.

To conclude, if you are currently trying to decide where and how to sell music, look towards Unlike other companies, they require no monthly fees, just a quick one-time payment & you’re good to go! We wish you much success with your music career & in the words of TunePort – “Keep making it happen.”

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