How to Sell Music Online with TunePort

With over 15,000 Independent Music Artists using our service and growing daily, we are ecstatic that you have chosen TunePort as your solution to sell music online! If you can’t find your question listed below just hit us up at: staff [at] and one of our friendly staff will make it happen for you.

What’s the story behind TunePort?

Founded by a Producer and Musician, TunePort was built with love, grit and determination. We now hand over this passion to you. We hope you find our audio storefront easy to use with features that maximize your sales and give you the attention you deserve. We promise to continue to build new opportunities for you to advance your music career and make it happen! Live Loud.

What is the one-time payment for?

Great question. Unlike other services which are free, but are an extension of their own brand (Aka: Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, etc.) TunePort is completely yours. For a one-time payment of $19.95 you will receive everything you need to successfully sell your songs & beats online and go into business for yourself. If you select our $24.95 option, we’re including some invaluable marketing tools to help you build your mailing list and find new fans! Sign up, place your brand new audio store on your website and be in complete control of your music career.

How do I login from my store?

In your store click on “Artist Access.” In the Drop down menu click on “Artist Login.” Enter your email, password, click the button “log in” and instantly arrive at your control panel.

What is the + Symbol on my store?

This is Trackmark. Trackmark is a revolutionary feature created and patented by TunePort. By clicking on the Trackmark icon in your store your listeners can instantly mark a track they like while scrolling through your entire music catalog. Trackmark functionality has been proven to convert prospects into customers.

I just embedded my store on my website and it’s not showing?

No problem. Make sure your entire embed code is selected and try again. Also, make sure the option “HTML” is enabled before embedding your code. Without it, you’ll just see a lot of code. If you’re still having issues, just send us an email and our friendly tech team will make it happen.

What are the Social Network Icons on the bottom of my store?

These are your social links. Your fans have direct access to your facebook, youtube, soundcloud page and your personal website.

What is the button next to “YouTube?” on my audio store?

This is an icon we made for your website. The “www.” is a button that links directly to your website so fans can find you instantly!

How do I upload a Voice Tag?

In your control panel, click on the tab Tracks and select “Voice Tags From here you can upload as many as 3 custom Voice Tags. With this multi-feature you now have the option to assign different voice tags to your tracks.

How do I upload a Voice Tag to my track?

In your control Panel click on “Tracks” and select “Upload Tracks.” In the Voice Tag field select which voice tag set you’d like to assign to your track. For example if you uploaded 2 voice tags, in the Voice Tag field it will read (Voicetag1, Voicetag2) Just select the voice tag you’d like. When finished click “Submit” to save your changes.

What is the “Search” located on my store?

Search is a feature that helps your listeners find the exact tracks they want to hear by searching through genre. In addition to genre we also included the option to search by mood. This will increase the opportunity for your tracks to receive placement in video games, commercials, TV and Film.

How do fans buy my tracks?

When a fan likes a track they click on the “cart” icon. This will drop down to display the various buying options enabled in your audio store. Once a fan selects the option they like, the track will appear in the left side of your store under “My Cart.”

How do I know if someone purchased my track?

You will receive an instant Payment in your PayPal account along with an email notification to help build your contact list.

Can I keep track of who has bought music from my store?

Yes. Every time you sell a track you will receive a PayPal email notification with track and buyer info. You can use this information to follow-up and build your customer/fan relationship.

How many tracks can I upload in my store?

You can upload an unlimited amount of tracks.

What kind of tracks can I upload? (Wav. Aiff. mp3?)

We support mp3 files. You can upload WAV and AIFF files by adding these to your Zip Folders available in your “Advanced Options” in your control panel upload form.

What kind of selling options do I have?

Whether you are a Musician, Producer, Band or Beatmaker when it comes to selling your tracks you have a variety of options to choose from:

As a Producer you can offer Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Options and license your beats and tracks to Commercials, Videogames, TV and Film. You can also upload Zip Files to include larger WAV Files, AIF Files, Music Licensing Contracts, etc.

As a Musician you can offer your songs as MP3’s to your fans and license your songs to Commercials, Videogames, TV and Film. You also have the option to upload Zip Files with music licensing contracts, etc.

As both a Musician and Producer you have the opportunity to give away free downloads, a very cool incentive tool to help build your fan/customer-base and upload your own custom WAV and Tracked Out files, etc.

What is Exclusive?

When you sell your tracks Exclusively you are giving up full rights/ownership/copyright to the purchaser of the track. The rate for what you would charge for this is entirely up to you.

On average producers charge anywhere from $100.00 to $1,000.00.

What is Non-Exclusive?

Another term for Non-Exclusive is Lease. When you sell your tracks Non-Exclusively, the customer is “renting” the tracks from you. You still own the full copyright/master of your track and can resell the track repeatedly.

On average Producers sell their Non-Exclusive tracks from anywhere between $10.00 to $150.00.

What is Buy MP3?

With this option your fans can buy tracks they like. On average Musicians/Bands charge anywhere from $0.99 to $4.00 per track.

What is License?

The TV/Film/Gaming Industry is a cash cow for Music. Take advantage of these opportunities and license your tracks out to Music Supervisors who would like to use your music in their next big project.

On average the suggested licensing rate is anywhere from $25.00 to $150.00 per track.

Do I have to upload one track at a time?

We will be offering the opportunity for you to upload your tracks in bulk very soon.

Can I give away free downloads to my fans?

Yep. In your control panel click on “Upload Tracks.” Scroll down to “Buying Options” and select “Free.”

How do my listeners receive their free tracks?

To receive free download/s your fans click on the “Free” icon located in your store. A window will pop up to enter an email where they’d like their free download delivered. This process is completely automated and you’ll receive your buyer’s email to follow up and build a customer/fan relationship.

How do I place my store on my website?

Once you log in to your control panel, click on “Embed Code.” This is the code for your store. Just like a YouTube video, copy and paste your code on your website.

Where do I get my Embed Code?

To get your embed code click on “Audio Store” and click on “Embed Code.” You can also retrieve your embed code clicking on the Share symbol located at the top of your store and click Embed. A box will pop up within your store with your embed code. Copy and paste.

Can I put my store on Facebook?

Yes. You can embed your store on Facebook in an iframe.

How do I change the order of my tracks?

In your control panel, click on “Edit Tracks” and rearrange them with Drag & Drop functionality.

Can I sell music that I don’t own?

You must own the Exclusive Rights to all the music you upload. It is Illegal to sell another person’s work as your own and is considered a copyright infringement. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I place my audio store on any website?

You can embed your store on all websites that support HTML. We also have built an iFrame for your audio store so you can easily embed your store around the world-wide web!

I have an iPhone, will my store work on there?

Yep. Your store is iOS and Android Compatible. Viewable on all mobile and desktop devices.

My customers are receiving an “error” message after they click on “Buy” in my audio store. What’s up with this?

This Error Message Occurs when your PayPal Account is not linked to your store. To do this, just visit your control panel and click on “Edit Profile.” Scroll down to the “PayPal” field and enter your PayPal email. Click “Update” to save your changes and you’re good to go. No More Error Message.

I uploaded an Mp3 and it says “processing” and then asks me to upload an mp3 again. Why is this happening?

You have to make sure the file you are uploading is an actual mp3. If you are trying to upload a WAV, AIF file, etc. Your track will not be uploaded. If you are having an issue with converting your music file into an mp3, just google a quick mp3 converter and you’ll be good to go.

What new developments is TunePort working on?

We are currently in the process of developing a revolutionary way for customers and fans to find and buy your music. You can stay updated on all new developments on our Twitter. @tuneport.