Rap Beat Makers Need To Start Blogging Right Now!

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Rap Beat Makers Need To Start Blogging Right Now!

This blog post was written by Daniel Hartnett AKA The Corporatethief Beats. Daniel is a beat maker and a blogger, where he shares his music marketing strategies on his blog Thecorporatethiefbeats.com If you want to connect with Daniel hit him up on Twitter @corporatethief

Rap music producers online are always looking for new ways to promote their music online.

Time and time again they tend to resort back to just flooding their Facebook fan pages and Twitter streams with the same sales tweets. “BUY MY BEATS – website link #buyrapbeats ”.

I recently had a discussion with another blogger about this. I personally don’t think beat makers intend on becoming crazy spammers, but I do feel that most rap beat makers are a little misguided when it comes to music marketing and instead of creating original content, we just copy and paste what others are doing.  Effectively it just becomes the blind leading the blind. This is why all beat makers should start blogging. Your blog is unique and will give you a voice and personality that will set you apart from the crowd. These human elements are key in building rapport and trust for your new beat buyers.

Start-Topics To Blog About

Go with with what you’re familiar with. You know that saying, “Write what you know?” This works perfectly in this context.

Here’s some ideas to blog about:

-Why do you make beats?

-Who inspired you to start making beats & what’s the story behind your beats?

-Make Beat Making Videos Tutorials.

-Blog about how to make the beats that you make

-Blog about your musical background/education/achievements.

Blogging about topics like this is social fodder and much more interesting than sales messages to your fans. When I first started out trying to promote my hip hop music on social media channels like Myspace I made some awful mistakes. The most important thing was that I learned from that experience and now I blog about my music and related topics that interest me.

Here is the perfect example of the type of content that I blog about: How To Release A Mixtape Online or My Mixtape Marketing Plan

Blogging can help rap producers create a story around a particular beat: Informing the artist about the process of the production. Most beat makers tend to only have beats and a buy now button. This is the only way for an artist to buy a lease license for their music.

If you just added a little background knowledge about your instrumental, you might push that artist from a casual fan to a casual beat buyer. Most online marketers tend to say that it takes on average 7 site visits before a viewer becomes a customer. The more you tell people about your music using content like a blog, the more trust you build.

Some people will argue with me and say that trying to describe music is like trying to write 1000 words about the inside of a balloon. For those of us that aren’t so skilled with a pen, writing can be a bit of a challenge. However you’d be very surprised at what you might start writing when you put that pen to paper. All you need to have is passion about the music you create and let your audience know what inspires you to create beats in the first place.

Check out my video below to learn an easy hack on how I create my blogs about beats & learn the power of vlogging and blogging for beat makers.

Normally I record myself on video or audio and pull all that information that I have about that rap beat I just produced.

Then I listen to the video a couple of times and start writing as I go along. Now I have 3 pieces of content from one source.

A video, audio, and a blog post to help me promote that rap instrumental. You also have the video and the audio of the music. So technically you have 5 pieces of content to promote one song.

Take a good look at the launch of an industry artists album, a lot of the time you can see that build up of the hype with content all around their music.

Blog posts, social content, interviews, videos of the artist in the studio images. This is the mind frame I want beatmakers to get in to help promote their beats.

To question themselves on how to create as much content around one beat without having to give the beat away for free. Beat makers need to squeeze as much free blog content out each beat to thoroughly promote it.

I noticed that beat makers can make beats all day long but they never promote anything.

There is no marketing plan.

And if there is, it’s Tweeting that message 100 times a day or the odd repeated post on their Facebook page.

If you are not the best writer then hire someone to transcribe the video on Fiverr. Having these pieces of content on your beat site is great for search engine optimization.{SEO}

I understand that your main goal will always be creating music. It is very important to achieve the goals in your music career. Blogging can be time-consuming.

That’s why I create the videos with my voice and opinions. Then I hire more professional writers to create articles based on my content from those videos I make.

Not all of my blog posts are transcriptions from the writers I hire. Over the years I have become more passionate about online blogging. I like writing about music and sharing my music marketing advice with other musicians.

However I do have to balance my workload so I still have time for the
creation process.

This is why I choose to share the transcription of my videos with the writers I hire.

There came a time when I realized that I couldn’t be everywhere at once. I had to start thinking like a boss and not like and employee.

The Benefits Of Blogging For Beatmakers

Blogging will build up your website’s Domain Authority and Google rewards that. Google will see your website as more than a html5 music player and PayPal button.

Plus having a video and blog description of your beats will keep rap artist’s on your website much longer. {Another good SEO factor}

This makes the artist more comfortable and familiar with your brand.

Google can’t find your website online if you don’t make it clear to Google what you website is about. The more you write about what your website is about, the more Google will index your blog pages, by adding them to the search results.

When people search for specific keyword phrases like {Example: “Where to buy hip hop beats online”} Google will show your blog posts on the search results if you have created content similar to that phrase.

As long as you keep creating in-depth quality blog content for your readers, Google will continue to add your blog posts to their search results, bringing more quality traffic to your blog to buy your beats.

Your blog is not only building trust, but it gives them a reason to come back to the website in the near future.

Having a blog describing your music or your path as a beat maker is the perfect content for social media. As every blog title will be different, it will diversify your social media posts.

Another benefit that creating blog content is that I also add it to my email marketing campaigns.

This helps to warm up my beat buyers before I try and pitch some new beats.
One of the common mistakes that I see beatmakers make with their email marketing campaigns, is that they bombard their email subscribers with sales messages.

I use my blog content in my email marketing campaigns for the simple reason that it separates me from the status quo beat maker.

By introducing my email subscribers to my blog I make them comfortable with opening my emails.

Effectively I am training my email subscribers to open my emails. So when I do have to sell some rap beats my email subscribers will be naturally curious to see what I have written.

Even though the purpose is for the rapper to buy rap beats from your site, the message will be less like a sales pitch and sound more like a story. Music producers need to see that we have the best niche online to blog about.

There are internet marketers out there that would kill to write about music all day.


So I challenge any rap producer that reads this post. Instead of sending another boring sales message on Twitter on Facebook and to start blogging now today.

To start asking themselves are those sales tweets are even working?

That it’s time to try something new and to stick with it. Writing about the music you produce shouldn’t be a laborious task. You should be able to inspire that rap artist that comes to your site to buy beats with the story behind the beat. Most of the rap artist’s that come to my beat site, actually come from my blog pages through the search engines like Google. All of my blog posts are about the music I listen too, music marketing lessons I have learned, and the rap beats that I produce.

I hope you take me up on my challenge and start blogging about the rap music you produce today. I can assure you that you will be very surprised with the results that you receive.

This blog post was written by Daniel Hartnett AKA The Corporatethief Beats. Daniel is a beat maker and a blogger, where he shares his music marketing strategies on his blog Thecorporatethiefbeats.com If you want to connect with Daniel hit him up on Twitter @corporatethief

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