WordPress Music Player

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WordPress Music Player


When it comes to finding a music player that delivers, get the TunePort WordPress Music Player. Unlike other wordpress music players, TunePort pushes the envelope giving you as an Artist everything you need to sell your music online and take your career to the next level. In other words, TunePort isn’t your average wordpress music player, it’s your ticket to success. Built with cool options to sell your music online like licensing your songs for TV/FILM, selling your tracks Royalty-Free, giving away free downloads to your special fans and even having the option to upload your own contracts/agreements (perfect for YouTube licensing!) the TunePort WordPress Music Player is everything you need as an Independent Music Artist to get paid for your sales and go into business for yourself.
While other wordpress music players offer the option to fans to listen to songs, many of them lack a user-friendly buying interface. With the TunePort Music Player fans can search for the tracks they like in your store. This is an ideal option for music supervisors who don’t have the time to scroll through your entire music catalog. With the TunePort WordPress Music Player, they can easily search by Genre or Mood and find their perfect track instantly! Moreover, the TunePort wordpress music player offers a revolutionary new feature called TrackMark. Here, fans can mark the tracks they like in your store, while scrolling through your entire music catalog. How cool is that?! Oh, and if you’re worried about copyright infringement, no need to worry, your TunePort WordPress Music Player offers the option to upload your own voice-tags, so you can protect all of your tracks from being pirated on the Internet. The best part is, the voice-tag only comes off after the fan has made a purchase, so you can sell music online everywhere and be completely worry-free! Click here to visit TunePort and get yourself the best wordpress music player online!

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