How to sell music online with TunePort

Welcome to your TunePort Audio Store. Here, our friend Paul will give you a guided tour of your brand new audio store and how to sell music online with TunePort. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or join us on twitter and send us a tweet, @tuneport. We also highly recommend our FAQ’S Page to help find an answer to your question or just give us a ring at: (401) 484-TUNE.  Enjoy the video tour & keep making it happen! TP

How to get started with TunePort and a look at your store’s awesome features!

Next up let’s take a look at your Control Panel. Here we’ll take a quick look at how to upload your tracks, customize your store and take advantage of all the cool new opportunities available in your TunePort Audio Store.

Welcome to your Control Panel!

Learn How to Upload Your Tracks, Add Voice Tags and More!

Learn How to Edit Your Profile

Learn how to Edit Your Password

Now, that you’re more familiar with how your Control Panel works, let’s take a more in depth look at a few cool features to help maximize your sales online!

Learn how to sell music online with TunePort by using the new Album Feature! Sell all of your tracks in bulk as an album and give your fans a great deal!

Learn how to sell your Album and Tracks in Bulk!

Learn how to sell your Tracked-Out files, Licensing Contracts, WAV files and more!

Learn how to embed your TunePort Audio Store on Facebook!

Learn how to share your TunePort Artist Profile URL with New Fans/Customers! 

Musicians, Producers, Bands and Beat-Makers learn how to sell music online with TunePort and maximize your sales online. With your tuneport audio store you have the opportunity to sell music on your terms and build your brand immediately by having customers and fans buy your songs and beats directly from your website and blog. No more middle-man! Thanks for taking the TunePort tour and keep making it happen!