Sell Royalty Free Music

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Sell Royalty Free Music


There is no better solution to sell royalty free music than TunePort provides Royalty-Free Artists with a music store equipped with everything they need to sell their tracks with a royalty free license. Unlike other services, TunePort caters towards the Royalty Free Music Artist, giving artists the option to sell their music as an mp3, license their music for TV/FILM & sell their tracks “Royalty Free” with a licensing contract/s they can upload as a Zip File. Customers can then visit their store and purchase said ZIP Files for a fee, but the best part is, the royalty free composers can provide more music files, images, contracts & much more to keep their customers happy and coming back for more. These days, to sell royalty free music is a huge opportunity for composers looking to get quick placements in a YouTube Video, infomercial, corporate tutorial, video tutorial, live presentation, etc. Artists are coming around to creating instrumentals and moving away from solely selling their albums with lyrics, vocals. Free Instrumentals creates a true Royalty-Free spirit and many websites are jumping on board to help artists sell royalty free music. From Audio Jungle to SmartSound which carries over 20 million royalty free music tracks, these websites are helping pave the way for artists looking to make a stable career from their productions. takes this is a step further, by providing Royalty Free Music Artists with their own Royalty Free Music Store. Rather than buy music from a marketplace, TunePort realizes fans are much more comfortable buying directly from the artist themselves. With this in mind, TunePort developed the perfect audio store to sell royalty free music and help musicians, beat-makers & composers/producers with an easy and effective solution to sell music online and make 90% of their sales. For more info on how to sell royalty free music please visit Keep making it happen.

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