Sell Music On WordPress

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Sell Music On WordPress

It’s never been easier to sell music on wordpress. Now, with the TunePort Audio Store Musicians, Producers & Beatmakers can sell music on wordpress and take their careers to the next level. Unlike other wordpress plug-ins, the TunePort WordPress Music Player comes with everything creators of music need to sell music on wordpress including voice-tags to protect copyrighted tracks, the opportunity to sell tracks as a TV/Film License or as a Producer/Beat-Maker you have the option to sell Non-Exclusive & Exclusive Tracks. More-Over, the TunePort Audio store comes with its own Genre Search Bar for Fans looking for specific tracks to find instantly! While other WordPress Music Players offer the opportunity to sell music on wordpress, they more often than not link to another site where fans are required to visit a 3rd party site to make a purchase. This is why TunePort is the best WordPress Music Store available. The Audio Store makes it Easy for anyone with a few tracks to upload their beats and songs and sell music on wordpress. Fast, Effective and providing a maximum return for creators of sound, the TunePort Audio Store is the go-to player for Independent Musicians and Beat-Makers looking to sell music on wordpess. Click Here to visit TunePort, Get your Audio Store, Embed it on your WordPress Website and take your career to the next level!

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