Sell Music On iTunes

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Sell Music On iTunes


Yes. You can sell music on iTunes, but the real question remains: Can you make money from selling music on iTunes? You see, millions of Independent Music Artists sell music on iTunes, but unless you are a big name, have major record label backing or have a million friends who want to help you out, to sell music on iTunes is NOT a walk in the park. In fact, there is no park, it’s just a bunch of winding sidewalks which are all vying for customers to NOT FIND YOU! You see iTunes, is not about YOU, it’s about APPLE. Steve Jobs did not develop iTunes to HELP ARTISTS, he developed iTunes as a very convenient way for him to sell you his products, in the middle of all of this, he changed the music industry forever.
His $1/song created a serious loss in value. Music lost its edge. In seconds, our song value became $1. The creativity and ingenuity behind every masterpiece you wrote became $1. And like all revolutions, it happened fast in a blink of an eye. We decided we wanted to sell music on iTunes because that was the way everyone was going. Follow the wave and see what happens right? So we did and now we’re seeing why selling music on iTunes, really sucks! Here’s why:
1) You have no idea who is buying your music. Think about it: The most important thing you can do at a live music show or online, is to make sure whoever buys your music gets a giant “Thank you.” And then, you want to make sure you can follow up with this awesome individual, aka: Your Fan for the moment to turn them into “Your fan for life.” The only thing you get when you sell music on iTunes is what Steve Jobs thinks you’re worth: A whopping $1/track. Not a Name. Not a way to connect with fans. Why? Because YOU are not the priority. Every time you have someone buy music from you on iTunes, you just converted another Apple Customer. Nice Job!
Which brings me to my next point 2) You lose 30% of your $1 on every sale. Yep. Go APPLE! Who’s eating who? 3) APPLE Owns your music. Sure, not necessarily your Copyright, but they have the opportunity to use your music any way they see fit. In fact if they like a song they hear on iTunes, they could use it in their commercial. I’m not saying they would, but they do have that option because once you sign on with iTunes, your music is their music. Any third party site that uses your music more often than not has the opportunity to use your music too! If you didn’t know this, you don’t just “get” on iTunes. Companies like TuneCore, Reverbnation and CDBaby developed a whole new stream of income bringing the iTunes to YOU. So here’s what I suggest: Since you’re not making any money selling music on iTunes and you have no idea who the heck is buying your music so you can build your fan-base and 4)At any point in time, iTunes can completely demolish your library of songs and you will no longer have access to any of these files, ever. STOP TRYING TO SELL MUSIC ON iTUNES!
Solution? Sell music directly from your website. Why? Well for starters, whoever buys music from your website gets to know YOU and not APPLE. How about them apples? (I couldn’t resist!) Secondly, by selling music from your website, you’re building YOUR BRAND & Not someone else’s. It’s all about YOU. NOT THEM. Here at TunePort we provide you with everything you need to sell your music and make money while you’re asleep. Just purchase our audio store for next to nothing, place it on your website, choose how you’d like to sell your music (license for TV/FILM, Exclusive, Royalty Free, Free) It’s completely up to you. NOT THEM. Finally, you make 90% of every sale. Keep in mind, it’s not about One Dollar any more. It’s about whatever value you’d like to place on your work. So, relax and keep writing music, we’ll continue to help you NOT give your hard-earned money and fan-base away to corporate giants, cool? We look forward to seeing you on Start selling your music on your website, don’t sell music on iTunes. Keep making it happen!

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