April 2015 - TunePort

Making it Happen one Artist at a Time

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TunePort.com was built with a lot of love, passion and grit by a Producer & Musician. Starting as an idea to help boost their own sales, TunePort developed into an audio store for Musicians and Beat-Makers worldwide. Currently TunePort hosts over 15,000 creators of sound, growing daily. Unlike other 3rd party music sites, TunePort’s goal has always been to serve Independent Music Artists and develop the necessary selling options required to help launch careers and build traction in an industry that has been labeled “Dead.” While they continue to build upon TunePort’s foundation, the co-founders of the platform prefer to not release their true identities, yet. “We’re very focused on our community of artists. They’re the spotlight, not us, but because we come from the world of music as creators, we feel we have a real opportunity to share with our members the exact tools they need to excel in 2015.” When asked, what does excel mean? They replied, “The audio store is one of many things we will offer to our artists to help them succeed. The bottom line is we want to be a site that truly does for artists what it says it’s going to do. So many of these websites prey upon Artists and promise them the world, giving them nothing in return. We don’t do that. Our Members know that what we offer is real. It may not be as glitzy as other sites, and we may not offer the thousands of other options they do, but we provide something all of us want at the end of the day. A well executed plan, simple, to-the-point and very user-friendly. We’re not hear to show off and make noise, TunePort.com is a fine-tuned song or beat. There’s a rhythm and melody in everything we do and I think our members see that. They “get” that we’re continuing to evolve with them and we will find a way to move past this mess of a music industry and become something much more sustainable that builds upon the true foundation of what it means to be an Independent Artist today.”

So what is TunePort?
As the co-founders put it, “Its your audio store.” Very similar to a YouTube video, TunePort has a simple embed code that can be copied and pasted directly into the back-end of a website. While I’m not an expert on HTML, I was able to very easily sign up for the store and start uploading tracks instantly. Although this service does cost a Fee, $39.95 to be exact, they do offer the opportunity for you to buy it for 50% off with some very cool tools used to build a fan-base. While these tools can be confusing at first glimpse, they really are quite remarkable. To give you a visual, TunePort.com offers a free tool that will help give you 1,000 new fans. I will be honest, at first, I was like, “You did not just promise me something you can’t deliver did you?” But I have to give it to them, they had my curiosity instantly and I gave them my email. After this, I was brought to a page where I could watch some videos and see how to get 1,000 fans. It is real. I will repeat that, these guys did deliver what they said they were going to. I won’t go into detail, but it’s worth watching those video tutorials and building your email list. One thing I was very impressed with was the option to Log-In directly from my audio store. I can see powerful this would be for artists who tire of going to the main home-page of a website to login. I like that. It’s a very simple, good idea. Also, you have the option to sell your music in a variety of ways from an mp3, to a license to even uploading a zip file with your own contract licensing agreement. That’s another very smart decision. YouTube offers thousands of Indie Aritsts the opportunity to get their music placed, but where are the restrictions and royalty based incentives for artists who have music purchased from 3rd parties that use tracks repeatedly on their various YouTube channels? TunePort.com provides an option to its artists to protect their assets and copyright. Overall, I fore-see great things for this little start-up and look forward to writing about them again when they launch and make it happen.

Danny Reed
Muse Maker Magazine

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